His mindset is his greatest virtue

Edwin Parker Lanosa lives in West Palm Beach Florida and is currently a talented point guard who has dedicated his life to playing basketball since 3rd grade. His greatest inspiration to practice this sport has always been his parents, who were the ones who from a very young age put a basketball in his hands, however sports has always been present in his life, since some members of his family are athletes who have practiced both boxing and baseball and without a doubt the love for sports remain in his blood. From the beginning of his basketball career, it has been clear to him that he wants to become a professional basketball player and his excellent talent and dedication have been his best guide to gradually making his dreams come true.

At the age of 15, he had already participated in numerous local tournaments and his life was beginning to take more shape as a high-performance athlete, as he had to train at least 3 times every day and out of his own conviction he had to hold on to that process as difficult as it may seem. Therefore, his effort brought rewards and he managed to be part of the Florida Vipers; a comprehensive basketball program for competitive elite teams where he participated in the under armor circuit for 2 years, winning the tournament finals and leading his team to become the best 7th grade basketball team in the country. Consequently, it did not take long for him to continue making his way to a good start in his sports career, as Parker had the opportunity to access to the invite only CP3 camp and also managed to belong to CP3's school in his freshman year of high school, leading him to stand out as part of the top 250 amateur players in the country.

That same summer of his freshman year, Parker was summoned to play in the Jr NBA, where without a doubt he managed to increase and develop his sports skills to strengthen himself as a basketball prospect. He also attended the tournament held by Nike EYBL, which is a basketball circuit for teams of players aged 17 and under who have great skills and the goal is to unite different AAU teams to establish a national championship of these youth teams. This event is held in different cities in the United States and on this occasion Parker belonged to the Georgia Stars team in the U-16 category, it should be noted that this event is considered one of the best youth basketball circuits in this country.

At this time, Parker already knew that achieving his goals only depended on himself and the effort that he put into the things he did. That is why one of the things that basketball has taught him the most, is the dedication with which he does things, the hard work and self-discipline. “I apply the work ethic and self discipline along with staying true with my habits and routine while staying on top of training 2-3 times a day. I think that in life, people do not decide their future, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future. The game of basketball is much bigger than people think if you really apply the wisdom you learned in the game to life." This focused on success mentality again leads him to overcome himself and this is how he manages to play with the Florida team where he won the tournament The Whole "Bob Gibbons" going undefeated 6-0 against several schools in Division 1, some like Texas Tech, Purdue , Michigan state, Boston college, Tulane, Stetson and wake forest.

Currently Parker Lanosa is in his sophomore year and he will be class of 2023, however great offers have already arrived from First Division Universities such as Bellarmine University, located in Louisville, Kentucky, who approached this talented player showing his interest in making him part of his basketball team. He assures that this has been one of his most memorable experiences, because at such a young age and seeing that there are universities that have him on the radar is undoubtedly amazing. As a short term goal, he wants to be able to access an opportunity like this by playing for Division I and then to play professionally, however he does not neglect going to school for business for marketing.

Parker, besides being such a great athlete, is also willing to share with his family and especially with the people who have been his greatest support. He assures that it is from them that he has learned to improve every day or not give up, they are who have taught him to stay at a high level and want to be better. “My Dad & Mom and my brother Frankie Lanosa as well as my sister Julie Lanosa. They are my biggest supporters. And I come from a family of hustlers and people who love to grind so that’s all we know, being around people who achieve success at a high level only makes you want to get better." On the other hand, although time is limited as a hobby, he also loves to work on his way of thinking and acquire wisdom, he likes to work on his personal development to continue growing. In addition, he makes money learning how to trade and is actively involved in his brother's business. Finally, getting to know him on a more personal level, he shares to us that he would love to get to know Tulum, Mexico and Italy, he loves the gastronomy of this country and his favorite dish is Pene a LaVaca pasta. “I learned a lot from a guy named Joseph Carter. Very successful entrepreneur who helped me a lot this summer with learning financial literacy”

Finally, Parker has a bright future, today he is among the 12 best point guards in Florida and is among the best 72 amateur basketball players in this state, those achievements have not been in vain, but have been with sacrifice and conviction to give the best of himself and get to where he has come. That is why he advises all boys and girls who wish to practice this or any sport to “choose a sport that makes them happy and that takes them every day to find you in new frequencies of life. The beauty of playing a sport is the wisdom you learn: "don't just play the sport." He really remembers all the life tips any sport teaches you: work ethic, perseverance, motivation, ambition. All the things you apply to life that make you successful and a winner! "

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