Gabriela Chivata Triviño, born in the city of Bogotá, is one of the talented Colombian players who have represented us worldwide and have taken Colombian Women's Basketball to one of the best sporting levels the country has ever had. Her sports career began at the age of 11 at the Cafam sports school, it was there her first approach with the orange ball and since that age Basketball became her passion. Then she was part of the Sliders club with the Cundinamarca league, her good performance and love for learning this discipline stood out and kept her convinced to continue practicing it, this is how she became part of Guerreros de Bogotá Basketball Club, where she had the opportunity to train at a more competitive level, managing to represent her city in different national games. "In Guerreros I had the opportunity to represent Bogotá in nationals games and they have opened the doors for me to be part of the Colombian Basketball team selection process."

Although one of the greatest honors for a high-level athlete is to be able to represent her country in the discipline he performs, the preparation and demand that this requires is quite high and that is why not all athletes manage to stand out. However, this was not an obstacle for Gabriela who was aware of the importance of it and worked harder every day to improve her talent, dedication and physical preparation becoming a member of the Colombian Basketball Team U-17 and U-19, being one of the twelve women who represented Colombia in the Women's Basketball World Cup in Belarus, the highest competition at a worldwide level that our National basketball team has ever performed. “I remember singing the anthem and leaving everything on the court back in Belarus…we had to go into overtime with a last-second triple from Maria Álvarez... All my sports experiences have been very valuable to me, each one teaches me something new, but no doubt the most beautiful experience was my first World Cup ... my first time representing Colombia and in a tournament of great magnitude. Every game was exciting! "

Being part of the Colombian Basketball team at only 16 was not only a goal achieved, but also a source of inspiration to continue working harder. This talented player knew that sport would continue to offer her more opportunities, that is why she took more into account the importance of the physical preparation and began to have personalized training sessions, thus improving her tactics as a point guard and getting to stand out for her resourcefulness, agility and dynamism on the court. Later, these qualities were the ones that managed to arouse interest in the profile of this athlete by different universities and JUCOs in the United States and Canada, as a result, she became part of the Basketball team of the University of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College (NEO Basketball). “My first game in the United States, it was a game in which I could experience my highest level of confidence and calm, get buckets was second nature to me and I was even able to shoot from almost half the court in the last second. Wonderful experiences! "

Gabriela is currently studying business administration, a career which has a wide field of opportunities for her and feels identified. Despite loving her career, she does not think to leave aside from sports, instead she plans to merge it with basketball that way she could start a business or be a leader in a large-scale project. On the other hand, she is aware that she can give so much more and knows that sport will always be present in her life, because thanks to it, she has acquired the values and skills needed in life. “I have always said that discipline is the basis of this beautiful sport because without it you would not achieve the goals you set for yourself. And it is something we practice every day. Having to get up to do the tasks you have, goals, etc ".

She confesses to us that her parents and family support has been fundamental in her growth as an athlete and as a person, taking the very best from each one of them and applying it in her life, she assures thanks to that she has become the person she is. Likewise, she thanks all the people who have been part of her process and who have taught her great life lessons over time. “My family are without a doubt the people who have inspired me the most, each one of them have played a very important role for my personal growth. Each one has something special and I will summarize it in the word: resilience, the ability to face the strongest situations. They always motivate me to overcome obstacles and taught me to be a decision maker, also to be able to lead and enjoy what I like. "

Gabriela is a young woman with great skills and talents besides basketball. In her free time she loves to draw and paint and without a doubt it seems she has an innate talent in this area, since in our opinion she does it in a very professional way. She shares that this is a skill she has been developing since she was little and thanks to the current situation we are facing worldwide with Covid-19, she has been able to practice it again and have it as a hobby. “In my free time I love drawing and painting, it is a skill that I have since I was little and in this quarantine I took it up again with constancy. Sometimes I like to play the guitar, or play station and listen to music ”.

Although painting is one of her passions, it is not the only one, food is one of the things that she also loves the most and assures that it is difficult to choose a single dish or ingredient as her favorite, however she loves rice with chicken, meat, avocado, and many other things that our Colombian land produces. She is also a young woman who likes to travel, know and visit different places, she says that thanks to sport she has had the opportunity to reach places that in our opinion many people do not have them on their checklist of countries to visit, being Belarus and Bangkok, places she had the opportunity to attend when representing her country in the U17 and U19 World Cups. She has also been to Mexico, Argentina, the United States, Barcelona and Paris and without a doubt she would like to know many other destinations. “Thanks to sports, I have known places that are not so common such as Belarus and Bangkok, where I had the opportunity to represent the country in the u17 and u19 world championships. I have traveled to Mexico for a world premier. Argentina for a camp. United States to study and play. And for tourism I have had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona and Paris. I would like to travel to other places in Europe like Italy or Germany. "

Finally, her greatest passion is summed up in Basketball, since she has made this sport her life project, something that has opened the doors to her at a national and international level. She has dedicated herself from day one to work with discipline, effort and dedication, after all she knows that on the way, situations will be presented to which she will have to face with intelligence, that is why her invitation to future generations who wish to practice any sport is “to be clever while taking any type of decisions, surely in the future will bring good results for you. Understand that everything is a process and life has its ups and downs, but certainly that is what life is about, especially in these moments of self care and reflection we have to maintain the attitude and the perseverance to continue preparing ourselves. In Colombia, women's basketball has given great photos and it will continue to grow...great things are coming, so you better be ready! "

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