Jefferson Palacios Castillo and his love for sports training

The athlete and trainer Jefferson Palacios Castillo, is a young Caleño. In a short time but through hard work, he has managed to reap many successes for himself and the young people around him.

Jefferson began his path in basketball in the city of Cali (Colombia), under the direction of the experienced Vallecaucano coach Alejandro Ordoñez in the Astros basketball club when he was 15 years old. Subsequently, and to advance with his professional and sports process, he began his studies in 2009 through a Sports Scholarship as a Professional in Sports at the National Sports School in the city of Cali, where he obtained his degree around the year 2015.

Since he obtained his title as a Professional in Sports, Jefferson had already been linked since 2010 as a basketball coach in basketball sports training schools, always with a comprehensive approach. Jefferson or Jeffrey as he is widely recognized in the region, has had the opportunity to work and collaborate with different sports entities at a national level, such as the Vallecaucana Basketball League, Projects of the District Sports Secretariat of Cali, extracurricular classes, the BILINGUAL School DIANA OESE, INEM School, PHILADELPHIA School, CLUB ASTROS FEMENINO; and internationally with ATHLETES IN ACTION, IBT Orlando, SEANFORD HEAT. He has also been able to participate in the training of different high-level athletes.

Since 2009, Jefferson began to be linked, receiving support and follow-up, from the renowned American Academy ATHLETES IN ACTION, which has its headquarters in Ohio, Xenia, and which is present in Colombia through the director Piedad Douglas and the Vallecaucano coach Alejandro Ordoñez.

Currently, there are players who in their sports beginnings were instructed by Jefferson, and who currently play as professional players, being part of the Professional Basketball League that has been consolidating in Colombia. Players such as Samuel Mojica (2012 at the INEM Cali College), Martín Cabezas (2013 at the Vallecaucana Basketball League), and Alejandro Poveda (2012 at the Diana Oese Bilingual College in Cali), were under the direction and training of Jefferson. These players currently continue their preparation to achieve high achievements at a national level and with a view to international processes. His preparation in addition to being versed in the academy and institutions, Jefferson has always sought to participate in Sports Training Clinics for coaches at a national and international level.

Jefferson was linked as a Physical Education teacher (2016-2021) at the Diana Oese Bilingual School in Cali, where he was also the Coach of the institution's men's and women's basketball teams. In 2018, with the team from the school where he served as coach, he participated in the HOOPS ON THE BEACH tournament in Cancun, Mexico. International sports experience that would be of great sporting impact for his students and him in his coaching profession. This experience in Mexico allows him to meet coach Carlos Morales Jr., who directs the IBT (International Basketball Training) Basketball Academy in Orlando, Florida.

This meeting process in Cancun, achieved the obtaining of a Sports Scholarship in the sports and academic program of CENTRAL POINTE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY in the city of Kissimmee, Florida, for one of its players from the Diana Oese Bilingual School team. This scholarship has allowed the student Alejandro Poveda to continue with his sports training process in the United States.

In January 2020, they made their second international trip with the Diana Oese Bilingual College basketball group to the IBT BASKETBALL CAMPUS in Orlando, Florida, where they had the opportunity to face other international teams, visit the modern sports facilities, and meet players. of the NBA level.

Jefferson is currently in Orlando, Florida, being part of the team of IBT training coaches, collaborating hand in hand with coach Carlos Morales Jr., strengthening his processes and knowledge of sports training and education. He intends to continue working in coordination with the academies in Colombia so that children can live the experience of the IBT sports camps in the USA and continue training them.

IBT and SEANFORD HEAT have a great program that is based on preparing athletes at a high level through institutions that monitor the processes and endorse Jefferson as a specialized trainer. This program is run through sports camps and tournaments that are a showcase for the coaches. This activity allows Jefferson to contact different coaches and friends to showcase young talent and make them part of the sports programs in educational institutions in North America.

Jefferson has always had a great love and commitment to local processes and Colombian talent, therefore, his interest is to become a bridge of access to the United States for young talent from all regions of Colombia and if possible from other regions and nations, so that through sport, the players and their families can have a better quality of life. This objective is sought to be achieved through the possibilities offered by a world sports power such as the United States, and through the IBT academy, which is very interested in Jefferson being permanently part of its coaching staff in Orlando, Florida and the SEANFORD HEAT Basketball Sports Preparation Academy in New York. It could already be said that from Colombia Jefferson has been working with IBT for about four years and one year with SANFOR HEAT training boys and girls in the field of basketball.

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